To provide customers with more information about the events that caused an AI Cam alert, a sub-alert name has been included in the summary alert email for AI Cam alerts

Previously, the sub-alert name was not included in the summary alert email for AI Cam alerts, resulting in users not being aware of the events that triggered the alert. For the benefit of users, we have now included the sub-alert name in the summary alert email for AI Cam alerts. 

In this way, users will be able to quickly identify which event triggered the alert, along with the specific event details, such as the exact time and location of the alert, which will help them to take the appropriate action.

Besides the summary alert email, users can also find a list of the events that have triggered AI Cam alerts in the Alert Report section of the Reports tab.

When the Requested Video is removed from the Azuga portal, we no longer send emails to customers, resulting in reduced email overload for our consumers

Previously, whenever a Requested Video was deleted from the web portal, a mail notification was sent to the customer.
As deletion occurs instantly in the UI, we have now stopped sending emails to customers when the Requested Video is deleted from the web portal. Since sending emails would add an unnecessary layer of complexity and would take a considerable amount of time in comparison to the instantaneous deletion that occurs in the UI.