The icon changes depending on the type of event:

  • For risky driving events, the icon is a car.
  • For distracted driving events, the icon refers to the type of distracted driving. For example, when smoking is detected, the icon is a cigarette.  

Distracted driving includes following events:

  • Using Phone 
  • Eating/Drinking
  • Smoking
  • No Seatbelt
  • Distracted Driving

Risky driving includes following events:

  • High g-force Detected
  • g-force Detected
  • Lane Departure (It will work only after ADAS Calibration)
  • Collision Detected - AI Cam
  • Violent Left Turn
  • Violent Right Turn
  • Tailgating (It will work only after ADAS Calibration)
  • Vibration/Impact

The in-cabin alert icons are listed from A-Z and display the icon that appears on the dashcam when specific driving behaviors are detected, and an alert is triggered: