1. From your Dashboard, tap Utilities.

2. Select Roadside Assistance.

3. Tap Yes, I’m Here and confirm your location. If you want to change the location, enter the new address in the address bar.

4. Validate your vehicle information. Enter your mobile number and VIN (if the field is blank), and then tap Validate.

5. Confirm your vehicle information.

6. Select a Service.

7. Depending on the service chosen, the app might prompt a few questions.

For e.g. If your vehicle requires a tow service, you need to select the repair center to which your vehicle should be taken.

Tap Find Nearby Repair Centers to get the list of repair centers. Tap the icon on the bottom-right of the screen to toggle between the list view and map view.

Select a repair center and proceed to the next step.

8. Enter additional notes, if any.

9. Review your request summary and tap Request Service.

Your request is now submitted successfully and a provider will be assigned to service your request.

The app shows you the ETA and status of your request. You can also get the contact details of your provider.