A vehicle is automatically added to the application whenever the Customer Care team adds a new device to your account. Initially, the application sets the name of the vehicle with the serial number of the device. You can later edit the fields of this vehicle. You can also manually add a vehicle to your account.

To add a vehicle:

1. Log in to the Azuga Web application.

2.Navigate to the Vehicles page, under the Admin tab.

3. Click Add Vehicle

4. Fill out the form with appropriate details.

a. Enter the Vehicle Name.

b. Select a Group for the vehicle.

c. Select a Device from the drop down. You need to select the serial number of the device that is plugged into the vehicle. 

d. Select the vehicle's Make, Model, and Year.

e. Select the Associated Driver from the drop-down.

f. Enter the License Plate number.

g. Set the Cost per Mile (or KM) value. 

Cost per Distance is the operating cost of the vehicle for a unit distance (per Mile or Kilometer). The default value is 0.71$. 

h.  Enter Vehicle Tags you wish to assign to this vehicle. 
This field is available only if you activate the Tags package. You can add a maximum of 25 tags per vehicle. 

i. Enter the VIN. VIN is a 17-digit unique code assigned to the vehicle by the manufacturer. 

j. Enter the Current Odometer and Current Engine Hours.

k. Enter the Asset Number

l.  Select the Ownership and Vehicle Type

n. Select the Fuel Type

o. Enter the Fuel Tank Capacity

p. Select the Background Color and Text Color for map labels. 

q. Select a suitable icon for the vehicle from the drop-down list.

5. Click Save Vehicle

Enable the Show Additional Vehicle Information preference to get extra fields to add information such as vehicle registration date, insurance date, and service date.