The Drivers page allows you to add, edit, and delete information of drivers of your fleet. It also allows you to manage the vehicle to driver mapping.

Drivers have limited access to the Azuga Fleet Web application (they can only view information related to the vehicle paired with them). However, using their account username and password, they can log into the Azuga Fleet Mobile application. They can use this application to evaluate their performance, obtain vehicle information, participate in the rewards program, etc.

To add a driver:

1. Log in to the Azuga Web application.


2.Navigate to the Drivers page, under the Admin tab.

3. Click Add Driver

4. Fill out the form with appropriate details.

a. Enter the driver's First Name and Last Name.

b. Enter the Employee ID

c. Enter the driver's Phone Number along with the country code. 

d. Enter the Email Address. The email address is the username for this account. 

e. Enter the Password and re-confirm this password once.

f. Select the driver's Timezone from the drop-down

g. Select a Role from the drop down.

h. Select the vehicle you wish to pair with this driver. 

i. Enter the Driving License number, Date of Issue, and Expiry Date

j. Select the Driving License Issue State. 

k. Under Dot Hours of Service, select Yes if the driver follows HOS regulations.  

l. If you wish to upload any documents related to this driver (for e.g.: medical certificate), click Choose Files and select a file using the file chooser. You can upload a maximum of 10 files (each file size should not be greater than 5 MB).

5. Click Save Driver

Last Verified on Dec 2023