1. From your dashboard, tap on trip log tile

  2. Select the trip date using the date picker

  3. Tap on the trip card for that particular trip. The colored pins on the map indicates the events that took place on that trip

  Color codes for event pins are:

 Speeding - Red
  Braking - Maroon
  Idling - Orange

  Acceleration - Purple

  1. Tap on the event pin for which you wish to see the details. A new window pops up displaying the details of the event.

You will see the following details corresponding to each event:


 Speeding - Speeding duration, timestamp, peak speed and address

 Idling - Idling duration, time, fuel consumed, and address

 Heartbreaking - Time, type of hard braking, and address

 Sudden acceleration - Time, change in speed and address