1. Device Installation

a. Locate your vehicle’s on-board diagnostic (OBD) port. The port is generally located under the bottom edge of a vehicle’s dashboard (on the driver’s side).

b. Plug the Azuga device into the port. If the connection port is protected by a cover, you will have to remove the cover to plug in the device. 

c. Once plugged in, the standard installation is complete. You will see several LED lights flashing once the installation is complete. Your OBD device is now functional.

2. LED Sequence

  • Upon power ON, all LEDs on the device will blink once. There are three LEDs (green, red, amber/ blue) on the device. The subsequent the sequence of LED flashes will be as mentioned below.

  • The green LED will blink every 1 Second when the device tries to establish communication with the network.
  • The green light becomes solid once the communication is established successfully. This indicates that the device is connected to the vehicle, GPS, and the Azuga website. However, if the device fails to establish this connection, the green light will blink every 2 Seconds till the device goes to the sleep mode.

  • For subsequent trips, all the LEDs will blink once, and the green light will remain solid for 5 Seconds.
  • The red LED will blink every 2 Seconds if any of the device components fail.

Last Verified on Dec 2023