With the introduction of the 'Retrieve Vehicle Odometer' toggle button on the Vehicle update page, users can effortlessly switch between user-input and vehicle-retrieved odometer values for vehicles

Previously, users lacked the flexibility to switch the odometer value on the vehicle level from user input to vehicle-retrieved values. Although users could bulk-change the odometer source to vehicle-retrieved values at the account level by enabling the 'Vehicle Supported Odometer' setting under config page. 

Now, with this enhancement, we've introduced a 'Retrieve Vehicle Odometer' toggle button conveniently placed below the 'Odometer' section on the Vehicle Update page. Enabling the toggle retrieves the odometer value from the vehicle, while disabling it allows manual entry. 

This toggle button is available for only vehicles capable of retrieving the odometer value directly from the vehicle.

The Vistracks logo within the Switch App buttons has undergone an update, accompanied by the replacement of the associated URL

We've implemented a significant update by refreshing the Vistracks logo within the Switch App buttons. Additionally, we've updated the associated URL linked to the logo on both Fleet 2.0 and Classic Fleet interfaces for the Vistracks Portal. These changes aim to enhance the visual identity and user experience across our platforms.