Scanners that read DTC, known as OBD-II scanners, are widely available for purchase. But if you’re a fleet manager responsible for numerous vehicles, having to manually check a vehicle every time the check engine light turns on can be inefficient. 

That’s why it’s important to select a fleet management solution, like Azuga, that includes maintenance tools that make identifying a DTC a fast and easy process. Azuga vehicle gateways plug in directly to the vehicle’s OBD-II port and send vehicle-related data—including DTCs—to the cloud. This means if a DTC occurs, it will automatically populate in your Azuga Dashboard or you can choose to be notified via an alert.

In the event that several of your fleet vehicles experience DTC issues, a telematics solution that includes a DTC tool can help you quickly identify what the issue is so you can quickly take appropriate steps to schedule maintenance as needed.