To plan a new route on your Azuga Route mobile application:

1. Navigate to My Routes from the navigation menu.

2. Then, tap on the Add Route button at the bottom of the screen.

3. After that, enter the route name in the corresponding field. Next, specify the route settings.

Schedule the Route

With Azuga Routes mobile application, you can schedule your delivery or field service route by simply tapping on Route Schedule. Next, use the calendar to schedule the route for the preferred date and time.

Select the Optimization Type on the Multi Stop Route Planner

To select the preferred route optimization type, tap on the Optimization Type field. Then, select one of the following route optimization options:

  • Round Trip: The route starts and ends at the same address or depot;
  • Lock Last Destination: The route ends at the current last added or uploaded address;
  • End Anywhere: The app automatically chooses the most optimal stop for ending the route;
  • Disable Optimization – End Anywhere: The app does not optimize the route and chooses the last added or uploaded address as the end-stop of the route;
  • Disable Optimization – Round Trip: The app does not optimize the route and ends the route at the same stop where it starts (the first added or uploaded address).

Add Addresses to the Route

Finally, after specifying the route optimization settings, tap on the Continue button. Next, tap on the Add Destination to start adding addresses and locations to the route.

Use OCR Address Scanner

Azuga Routes mobile application features a built-in OCR address scanner that allows you to scan and add addresses from printed labels, box labels, etc. 

To use the OCR address scanner to add addresses to the route, tap on the camera icon. 

Then, point your camera at the address(es). Once the address is scanned, it is geocoded, and you can select the most suitable address option from the suggested list. The OCR address scanner is especially useful for delivery driver routes and field service routes because it allows to significantly reduce the time of route data input, avoid errors, and more.

Geocode Addresses and Add as Destinations

You can manually add addresses to the route using the Address Geocoder. Moreover, the geocoder can automatically correct and complete addresses and locations.

To manually add an address to the route, input the full or partial address into the Add Destination field. 

Then select one of the suggested geocoded and corrected address options. After that, you can add a contact phone number and an alias to the address. Finally, to save the address and add more addresses, tap on the Save & Add New button. To save the address and finish, tap on the Save & Close button.