Azuga Routes Advanced Team Management enables you to build a well-structured and easily manageable network of users where each member can have a dedicated role with an adjustable set of permissions based on the particular needs of your business or unique business model.

To adjust the visibility of the future route of a particular team member:

1. First, go to Users from the navigation menu to open the list of all users associated with your Azuga Routes account.

2. Next, click on the Edit button next to the user whose future routes visibility you want to modify. 

3. After that, scroll to the Route Visibility section and then use the Show Future Routes Scheduled Number of Days in advance field to define how many days in advance should this user be able to see future routes.

For example, if you want to restrict the member from being able to view all routes that are scheduled for more than 5 days in advance including the current date, define “5” in the “Show Future Routes (Days)” field. NOTE: By default, all users can see only those routes that they create or those routes that they are assigned to (except for the Account Owner and Admins with global route visibility).

4. Once enabled, the user will be able to view only those routes that are scheduled for no more than 5 days in advance starting from the current date.