With Azuga Routes, you can also hide all expired routes from your team members’ Routes Lists. Thus, once your drivers or field employees complete a particular route and it expires, this route will be automatically hidden from their Routes List. In this way, you will keep your team up-to-date without cluttering their agenda.

To hide all expired routes from the Routes List of a particular team member:

1. First, go to Users from the navigation menu to open the list of all users associated with your account.

2. After that, click on the Edit button next to the user whose expiring routes you want to hide. 

3. Next, scroll to the Route Visibility section and then check the Hide Routes Scheduled for Before the Current Date box accordingly.

NOTE: By default, all users can see only those routes that they create or those routes that they are assigned to (except for the Account Owner and Admins with global route visibility).

Once you hide all expired routes from the user’s Routes List, this user will be able to view and use only those routes that are scheduled for the current and future dates.