Azuga Routes routing software, allows you to compare multi-stop routes that have been previously planned and optimized. Comparing multiple optimized routes side by side allows you to visually analyze up to 10 routes at a time, one next to another, and compare their routing data. As soon as you get an overview of your last-mile operation, you will be able to tell what are the planned routes that need more fine-tuning.

To compare routes that have been previously planned and optimized in the Routes List or the Routes Map, follow these steps: 

1. Check the boxes next to the optimized driver routes you want to include in the comparison;

2. Click File and select Compare Selected Routes.

Selected routes will be displayed side by side in a new window and provide the following:

  1. Map of each route;
  2. Detailed information about each route;
  3. Totals of values from all compared routes combined.

You can edit the start date and time for each route. 

You can merge the compared routes into one. You can also merge multiple routes from the Routes List and the Routes Map. To merge the compared routes, scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen, then click Merge These Routes.

Merging Routes allows you to create a new route that contains addresses and data from the compared routes. You can modify the merged route as you would in the Route Editor when Planning a route.