To plan one or multiple routes with all addresses from one or multiple territories:

  1. First, select the preferred territories by checking the corresponding boxes.
  2. Next, click on the gear icon in the header of the territories list and then select the Plan Route with Selected option from the menu.

NOTE: When planning routes with multiple territories, you can specify a single (the same) depot for all routes that will be planned with the addresses from all selected territories. If you want to plan routes with the addresses within each selected territory and start the routes within each territory from a different depot, you need to plan routes with one territory at a time so that you can specify a different depot for the routes planned from each territory.

To plan one or multiple routes with all addresses within a particular territory, first, click on the gear icon next to the preferred territory and then select Plan Route from the menu. Alternatively, right-click on the territory that you want to use planning route(s) and then select Plan Route with Territory from its menu.

Next, specify the preferred optimization parameters and other route settings:

  1. First, specify the depot from which you want your optimized route(s) to start.
  2. Go to the “Departure” tab; Input the preferred departure address into the corresponding field; Alternatively, you can choose one of the addresses included into the selected territory from the corresponding menu.

After that, specify the preferred optimization parameters. To plan multiple routes with all addresses in the selected territory:

  1. Go to the Optimization tab;
  2. Select the Multiple Drivers Route optimization type;
  3. Specify the preferred constraints for the optimization: Maximum Number of Routes/Vehicles, Maximum Route Duration, Maximum Distance per Vehicle or Route, Maximum Pieces, Weight, Volume, or Revenue per Route, and Maximum Stops per Route. 
  4. Choose where you want your routes to end. If you want your routes to start and end at the same depot, choose the End Route at Departure Address option. 
  5. Next, specify the rest of the preferred optimization parameters and route settings and then click on the Create Route button to finish

Once your routes are optimized, you can view them on the Routes Map and manage them accordingly. After optimizing multiple routes, you can assign a different vehicle and driver to each planned route or assign the same vehicle and the same driver to all planned routes.

NOTE: When planning multiple routes with the addresses from a particular territory, you can select a single depot that all planned routes will start from. If you want to plan routes with all addresses from a specific territory and have a different depot for each planned route, you can export the preferred territory addresses and then plan multiple routes with different deports using Azuga Routes Multiple Depots Advanced Constraint.

Depending on the specified route optimization settings, you may get one or multiple Unrouted Destinations after planning and optimizing multiple routes. Unrouted Destinations are the addresses that didn’t fit into the optimized routes due to the exceeded route optimization constraints (i.e., mismatched Time Windows, exceeded vehicle capacity constraints, Maximum Route Duration, or Maximum Route Distance, etc.).

To include Unrouted Destinations into your routes, you can modify the specified optimization constraints and re-optimize multiple routes at a time. To do so, first, go to “Optimizations” from the navigation menu and then click on the gear icon next to the optimization you want to modify.