Group coding your addresses and contacts with custom-defined group identifiers allows you to create search groups that will filter your entire Address Book by customers with particular statuses or visitation priority, customers that are located in a specific commercial or geographical area, and virtually any other group identifier that you want to create and use. Your addresses can be group-coded one by one, as well as uploaded with custom group identifiers in bulk.

Group-code your addresses and contacts from Address Book Map

You can group code your addresses when picking them right from the map and adding the addresses to your Address Book.

You can also group code your addresses when editing the addresses right on the map.

Group coding when creating a new or editing an existing address in your Address Book Map/List

To add or edit its group identifier, first, go to the Location Details tab and then input the preferred custom group identifier (word/number) into the corresponding field.

Group code multiple addresses in a spreadsheet 

To upload a spreadsheet with addresses into the Address Book Map, first, go to File and then select Upload Addresses from the list.

After that, upload a spreadsheet with the corresponding Group column and other reserved attributes (i.e., Alias, Address, Cube, etc.) into the system.

Filter your addresses by their group identifiers

First, create a new rule in a particular search group and then select Group as a search field.

After that, select the preferred operator (i.e., contains, etc.) and then input the group identifier of the addresses that you want to filter. In the example below, the corresponding search group filters all addresses by the Group search field and then displays on the map all addresses that contain the NY 001 group identifier.