Azuga Routes provides the flexibility to draw on the map and select a set of customers’ locations within the drawn area, and the Route Planner will produce one or multiple time-efficient and cost-effective routes with multiple destinations in a matter of seconds.

To plan routes with your Address Book addresses/customer profiles right from the map:

1. Navigate to Address Book Map from the navigation menu.

2. Next, use one of the drawing tools in the top left corner of the screen to draw an area around the addresses/locations that you want to use for planning the route(s).

To draw on the map using the custom-shaped drawing tool, first, select the corresponding tool in the top left corner of the screen. Next, left-click on any point on the map and then continue drawing the area point by point. To finish drawing the area, connect the first point of the area with the last one. Alternatively, you can double left-click on a particular point on the map, and the area will automatically connect its first point with the last one.

To draw on the map using a rectangular shape, first, select the square-shaped drawing tool in the top left corner of the screen. Next, left-click on the point on the map where you want to start drawing the area and then drag the corner of the area to the preferred spot and release it to complete the area.

To draw on the map and circle particular addresses, first, select the circle-shaped drawing tool in the top left corner of the screen. Next, drag the cursor outwards from the center of the area and then release it in the preferred spot. After drawing the area, you can also check how many addresses are included in this area in the bottom left corner of the screen.

To re-size the drawn area, drag any point of the area into the preferred spot. To reverse the action, click on the corresponding icon next to the last shifted point of the area.

3. To plan one or multiple routes with the addresses that are located in the drawn area. First, right click on the area and then select Plan Route with Area Addresses from the menu.

4. Next, go to the Departure tab to set up the start address for the route(s):

  • In the “Find Address” field, you can input a new address from which you want to start the route(s); 
  • Alternatively, you can use one of the selected addresses as the start address for the route(s).

5. After that, specify the rest of the route’s parameters to your preference and then click on the Create Route button.

6. Once the route is planned, it is optimized and then opened in the Route Editor where you can modify it, as well as added to the Routes List with all your routes. Learn more about how to plan routes with Address Book addresses/customer profiles.