Azuga Routes Routes Map allows you to view multiple multi stop routes on a single map, providing solutions for quickly modifying addresses and moving stops between planned routes. This function is ideal for assigning an address to another route when it can’t be visited as initially planned.

Using Routes Map for Viewing Multiple Routes on the Map

1. To access the Routes Map. go to Routes in the navigation menu, then select Routes Map.

2. Select the optimized routes you want to view on the Map by checking the boxes next to them. Each route you select will be displayed in a different random color on the Map, on the right-hand side of your screen.

The Map displays useful and configurable information:

  1. Map settings: allow you to make multiple adjustments to the Map based on what you want it to display;
  2. Summary table: provides a detailed overview of the relevant metrics for each route;
  3. Driver tracking: allows you to track drivers’ location in one or multiple routes on the Map.
  4. View Multiple Routes on the Map and Move Stops Between them with Azuga Routes

Using the Routes Timeline

The Routes Timeline is available at the bottom of the screen. It shows addresses linearly by the date and time of the planned visit.

Hovering your mouse cursor over a stop displays the information associated with that stop.

Moving Stops between Routes using the Routes Map

You can use the Timeline to move stops between routes.

  1. Click on and hold the pin corresponding to the address you want to move to another route in the Timeline;
  2. Drag it to another route’s portion in the Timeline.

The changes will trigger automatic push notifications to all drivers who are assigned to the altered routes, informing them that their routes have been updated.

The changes will be made to the route instantly, and you’ll be able to view them on your Map.

You can make other changes to your routes by right-clicking on a stop in the Timeline and choosing one of the desired actions.

Viewing the Routes that are Scheduled for Different Dates and Moving Stops Between Them

Normally you can have multiple routes that are scheduled for different dates. If you want to move stops between the routes that are scheduled for different dates in the Route Timeline, you can bring them up on one screen.

If you want to bring up one of the selected routes in the Routes Timeline, click on the title of this route.

The corresponding arrows will point into different directions indicating that the selected routes are scheduled for different dates.

If you want to bring up the selected routes that are scheduled for different dates on one screen and move stops between them, check Show All Routes in the 1 Day box at the bottom of the screen. This action will allow you to move stops between the selected planned routes that are scheduled for different dates without having to replan them, by deleting or inserting stops from multiple routes and re-optimizing them.