Azuga Routes helps businesses that provide multiple services that require your employees to use different equipment or have different sets of skills, you can create a separate territory for each service you provide and then distribute your fleet resources accordingly.

To use your address territories for planning routes:

1. To plan route(s) with all addresses located in a particular territory, in the territories list, click on the gear icon next to the territory that you want to use for planning one or multiple routes and then select Plan Route from the menu.

Alternatively, first, right-click on the territory that you want to use for planning one or multiple routes and then select Plan Route with Territory from its menu.

2. Next, go to the Departure tab to set up the start address for the route(s).

3. In the Find Address field, you can input a new address from which you want to start the route(s);

Alternatively, you can use one of the addresses from the selected territory as the start address for the route(s).

4. After that, adjust the following route optimization settings under the “Optimization” tab;

  • Select the preferred optimization type (Single Driver Route, Multiple Drivers Route, Balanced Team Route, or Disable Optimization);
  • Choose where to end the route(s) after the last stop is visited and serviced:
  • End route at any address: The system automatically chooses the most efficient and optimal stop for ending the route;
  • End route at Departure address (Roundtrip): The route ends at the same stop/address where it starts;
  • End route at last address: The route ends at the stop that matches the last stop in the uploaded route file/spreadsheet.
  • Territory-Based Route Planning (Planning Routes with Address Territories)


5. Next, specify the rest of the route’s parameters to your preference and then click on the Create Route button.

When you plan multiple routes from one or multiple territories, you can view all planned routes one next to another on the Routes Map. To do so, first, go to “Address Book Map” from the navigation menu.

6. Depending on the selected optimization type and defined constraints, the system can plan one or multiple routes from a single territory. If you select the Single Driver Route optimization type when planning a route from a single territory, then the system plans and optimizes one route from all addresses in the corresponding territory. NOTE: If you want to plan multiple routes from multiple territories, use each territory individually for planning one or multiple routes.

7. When you plan multiple routes, you can assign different users and vehicles to different routes. To do so, first, click on the gear icon next to the route to which you want to assign a driver or a vehicle and then select the preferred option from the menu. To learn more about other methods of assigning users and vehicles to routes, visit this page.