Azuga Routes geocoding and address validation enable you to use only valid and the most accurate addresses and location coordinates for planning and optimizing your routes.


Web Platform Address Geocoder and Location Validator

When you input any coordinates or addresses into Azuga Routes, the system geocodes and validates each address automatically and provides adjustable results.

Location Geocoding is the process of determining the latitude and longitude coordinates of a location. Address Validation is the process of determining the validity and accuracy of the given address. Both processes are executed concurrently in the following way:

  1. You add or import addresses or coordinates into Azuga Routes.
  2. Azuga Routes geocodes each location and address and shows them on the map.
  3. After geocoding, Azuga Routes validates the geocoded addresses and locations.
  4. If available, Azuga Routes suggests multiple options of valid addresses based on the geocoding results.
  5. The system shows the geocoding confidence of each validated address.

Equally important, Azuga Routes enables you to use parts of addresses, incorrect addresses, addresses with a missing zip code, etc. Our geocoder and address validator will automatically correct and complete and validate such addresses. Additionally, if there are addresses that have an invalid street name, Azuga Routes will automatically find and show all possible valid alternatives.

Geocoding and address validation for planning and optimizing routes on Azuga Routes Web Platform.


Route Planner Apps Geocoding and Address Validation

Additionally, Azuga Routes iOS Route Planner and Android Route Planner apps also support high-quality location geocoding and validation. Both apps are capable of geocoding and validating all types of incorrect, incomplete, etc., locations and addresses.

When you add addresses to routes on our mobile route planners, the apps automatically geocode them and suggest multiple validated options. Furthermore, apps display geocoded and validate addresses on the map.

Mobile route planner app can geocode and validate addresses for route planning and optimization.


Routing Non-Geocodable Addresses and Locations

Furthermore, Azuga Routes geocoding and address validation enable you to work with non-geocodable addresses and locations. Non-geocodable or non-established addresses are the locations on the map that don’t have an address yet. For example, it can be a new building, a building in an unmapped area, etc.

With Azuga Routes, you can select any location on the interactive map and add it to your Address Book or straight into a route right from the map. Azuga Routes will automatically geocode it and use the validated latitude and longitude coordinates.