Azuga Routes Web Platform is one of the best route planning software solutions on the market that uses advanced algorithms to allow you to easily plan the most time-efficient and cost-effective routes. Azuga Routes route optimization software takes care of all calculations and computing processes, solving the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) and the Vehicle Route Problem (VRP) effortlessly.

The Azuga Routes Route Planner delivers user-friendly tools for planning and optimizing routes of the highest complexity taking into account numerous virtual and realistic constraints, which makes it one of the best route planning software on today’s market. The platform is constantly evolving considering the latest technologies and practices in the spheres of logistics, tracking, and routing. Azuga Routes algorithms are based on the principles of data science and potentially machine learning to provide the most efficient computing methods for satisfying your business needs.

The structure of the platform provides an intuitive layout of sections that can be used for planning and managing routes, adding contacts, addresses, and orders, creating custom fleets of vehicles, setting geofences, adding multiple users to your account and conducting other route planning-related activities that are aimed at growing your business. All sections of the Web Platform can be accessed through the navigation menu that is always displayed on the left side of the screen.

The Routes section provides the following tools for planning and monitoring routes:

  • Plan New Route: Azuga Routes main tool for planning routes by means of five major methods of adding addresses (Interactive Map Editor, Copy-and-Paste, Upload a File, Import Data, or Upload Scan(s));
  • Routes List: Allows you to view and manage your planned routes;
  • Routes Map: Lets you view multiple routes on a single map and move stops between routes;

The Orders section allows you to add and manage your orders:

Orders: Azuga Routes Orders section provides an optimal way to manage one-time transactions or visits. Orders can be used for planning routes, inserting into already existing routes or existing optimizations.

The Address Book section provides:

  • Address Book List: The list of your contacts and addresses that can be used for planning routes;
  • Address Book Map: The map that displays the list of your contacts and addresses.


The Team section is used for monitoring and managing your team:

  • Users: Allows you to add new and manage existing users of your Azuga Routes account;
  • Vehicles: Enables you to create and manage your fleet of vehicles.

The Analytics section offers analytics tools for monitoring your route planning process:

  • Dashboard: Displays a visual summary of your and your team’s routing activities;
  • Activity Feed: Allows you to search for performed activities on your account;
  • Costs: Used for predefining fuel prices for further calculations of fuel expenses when planning and driving routes.

The My Account section provides various adjustments of your account:

  • Account Settings: Allows you to adjust the settings of your account;
  • Upload History: Displays the history of the files uploaded to your account;
  • Login History: Shows the entire login history of your account;
  • Logout: Used for logging out of your account.