To create a new entry/contact in your Azuga Routes Address Book:

1. Go to the Address Book List from the navigation menu

2. Then, Navigate to the File in the top left corner of the screen and then select Add Address from the list.

3. In the Add Address window, first, input full or partial delivery addresses of the contacts into the corresponding field. When you input a partial or incorrect address, the system automatically geocodes it and suggests one or multiple valid variants of the address. Select one of the suggested variants and make sure that the red dot turns to green, meaning that the address is valid and properly geocoded.

4. Next, input the alias (custom name) of the contact into the corresponding field. When creating a new alias for a contact, make sure that it is easily identifiable and corresponds to particular features of its associated prospect or address.

5. After that, you can choose a particular color and icon that you want to represent the contact on the map (i.e., in the Address Book Map).

6. In the Location Details tab, first, assign the contact to a particular Search Group using the corresponding field. 

After that, fill out the rest of the fields in the Location Details tab with the contact information of the associated prospect.

7. To add custom data that does not fit into the pre-set fields in the Add Address window, click on the Edit Custom Data button.

8. In the Business Details tab, you can define the following order information of the associated customer: Pieces, Weight, Cube, Reference No, Revenue, and Priority, as well as select the preferred Address Stop Type.

9. In the Time Windows tab, you can add two time windows for the contact’s visitation hours, as well as define the service time for the contact’s location.

10. After filling out the customer details, delivery addresses, prospect information, etc., click on the Add button to save the contact into your Azuga Routes Address Book.

11. Once the contact’s profile is saved, it is added to your Azuga Routes Address Book where you can view and modify it, as well as use it for generating orders, inserting into the best routes or planning entirely new routes, and more.

NOTE: When you edit the details of a particular customer in the Route Editor (in the planned route), these changes do not affect the profile of the associated contact in the Address Book List.