To select one of the addresses you added or uploaded as the Departure Address (Depot):

1. First, ensure that you have the Find Address field in the Departure tab empty. After that, specify the rest of the route parameters to your preference and proceed.

2. When you don’t add the Departure Address manually, the first added or imported address is automatically selected as the Departure Address by the system. 

3. In the Verify Addresses on Map window, you can check and make sure that each added and uploaded address is geocoded with high confidence (green dots). The address that was added first or was the first address in the uploaded spreadsheet will be displayed as the first address on the list and as a Depot icon on the map.

4. Once the route is planned, this route will start from the Depot Address that was the first added address or the first address in the uploaded spreadsheet. 

NOTE: If the route is optimized with the Roundtrip optimization parameter, this route will start and end at the same Departure Address (Depot). If you have planned multiple routes from a single address import using the Multiple Drivers Route optimization type, all planned routes will start from the same Departure Address (Depot).