Azuga Routes supports the following three main vehicle statuses: 

Active: Active Vehicles that you can use for various route planning and fleet management operations. 

Pending: Pending vehicles show the list of imported vehicles from Azuga Fleet application into the Azuga Routes account. Accordingly, all automatically imported vehicles are saved as Pending Vehicles and move to active state once the data is synced. 

Deleted: You can deactivate vehicles to remove them from your fleet and can activate or restore the deleted vehicles at any time.

Vehicles List With Vehicle Statuses: To open the list of all vehicles in your Azuga Routes web application:

1. Navigate to Vehicles from the navigation menu to open the Vehicle Editor.

2. Next, you can navigate through your vehicles with different statuses by going to the respective tabs in the Vehicle Editor.

3. Correspondingly, in the Vehicle Editor, you can find the following tabs: The Active tab contains all active or activated vehicles. The Pending tab contains all pending (not activated) imported telematics vehicles. The Deleted tab contains all deactivated or deleted vehicles.

Active Vehicle Statuses: In the Active Vehicles tab, you can view the list of all currently Active Vehicles. Accordingly, an Active Vehicle is a vehicle that is active and available for route planning, optimization, fleet management, and any other operations. 

Pending Vehicle Statuses: In the Pending Vehicles tab, you can view the list of all vehicles imported from the Azuga Fleet tracking application. All imported vehicles automatically become available in the Pending Vehicles tab.

Deleted Vehicle Statuses: In the Deleted Vehicles tab, you can view the list of all deleted or deactivated vehicles. 

For example, you can delete or deactivate the vehicles that you want to remove from your active fleet. You can’t edit, dispatch, or use Deleted Vehicles for any routing or fleet management operations.