Azuga Routes let you can easily auto-assign multiple users to multiple routes at once. This feature helps to equally distribute your planned routes among all available users.

1. Navigate to the Routes list

2. Check the boxes next to the corresponding routes in the Routes List and click Edit in the toolbar and select Auto Assign Users respectively 

3. Then, check the boxes next to the Users that you want to assign to the selected routes and use the Filter for navigating through the list of all users. Once you have selected the users, click Assign Users.

If the number of users selected is lower than the number of selected routes, the system will suggest to equally distribute all selected routes among the selected Users.

  • Click No, Skip Extra Routes to assign the selected Users to the same number of the selected routes. If the number of the selected Users is lower than the number of the selected routes, the remaining routes will not have assigned Users
  • Click Yes to equally distribute the assignment of the selected Users to all selected routes. 

4. Once the selected users are auto-assigned to the selected routes, it is displayed next to the routes’ names and in the corresponding column in the Routes List.