When your drivers are out in the field, they have to manually mark your customers’ addresses as Marked as Visited and Marked as Departed whenever they arrive at the customers’ locations, service them, and then move on to the next destination.        

The Marked as Visited / Departed timestamp is created when the driver or field employee manually marks the corresponding route stop as  Visited or Departed from their Azuga Routes mobile app.                                                                                

Apart from the manual marking, Azuga Routes also enables you to use geofences that can automatically detect your field employees and drivers arriving at or departing from customers’ locations and generate the Detected as Visited and Detected as Departed timestamps that cannot be altered or deleted.

To view the geofence detected visitation and departure timestamps of the stops on a particular route:

1. Open any route in the Route Editor from your Routes List or from your Routes Map.


2. Now click on the route stop that you want to check to open its menu and then locate the Address Visit Details section that displays the automatically detected and manually marked visitation and departure times.


3. For more convenience and visualization purposes, you can enable geofences and geofence activities on the interactive map. To display geofences and geofence activities on your map, check the corresponding boxes in the Map Settings. Geofence Activities show the points on the map where the geofence set around a particular route stop was entered (green flag icon) and departed (red flag icon) by a driver.