To plan routes with the bulk address upload option:

1. Navigate to Plan New Route under Routes and select Upload a File from the corresponding window.

2. Add a Route Name and click Create Route and Proceed to Add Addresses.

3. Click Browse File to Upload to upload the file from your device. Currently, we support CSV, XLS, and XLSX upload file formats. (Note: For the most accurate results, it is recommended to use CSV file format spreadsheets.)

4. Once the spreadsheet is uploaded, Azuga Routes processes the imported data and displays it in the corresponding window. For the system to process the data automatically, select the Auto (attempt detection) option respectively.

5. Alternatively, you can manually match column titles to the data contained in the corresponding columns.

6. Click on Continue to Review to load the addresses on the map.

7. In the Verify Addresses on Map window, you can view all imported and processed addresses on the map, as well as check their geocoding statuses. Green-colored dots indicate that the corresponding addresses were successfully geocoded with High Confidence. Addresses that have yellow colored dots next to them should be reviewed and fixed accordingly.

8. Click Edit if you would like to edit a particular address.

9. Once all the required modifications on the corresponding field are completed, click OK to apply the changes.


10. After reviewing the imported addresses, click Finish Import to plan the route.


11. Once the route is planned, it is optimized and then opened in the Route Editor where you can modify it, as well as added to the Routes List with all your routes.