Azuga Routes Interactive Map Editor enables you to use the adjustable and interactive map with advanced geocoding algorithms for picking addresses and locations right from the map and adding them to your routes as destinations.

To plan a new multi-stop route using the Interactive Map Editor:

1. Navigate to Plan New Route under Routes.

2. Select Interactive Map Editor from the corresponding window.

3. Add a Route Name and click Create Route and Proceed to Add Addresses.

4. You can input full or partial address information into the corresponding field and then select one of the suggested variants from the list.

A green-colored dot indicates that the corresponding address was successfully geocoded with High Confidence. Addresses that have yellow or red-colored dots next to them should be reviewed and fixed accordingly.

5. Alternatively, you can also add addresses or locations to the route directly by picking them right from the interactive map. To pick a street address from the map, right-click on the location/area of the corresponding address and then select Add The Nearest Valid Address option. 

6. To add latitude and longitude coordinates of a particular location to the route, right-click on the corresponding location on the map and then select Add This Exact Location respectively. 

7. To move an already added stop to another location, drag and drop it at the preferred spot on the map and then click OK when prompted. Once a particular stop is moved to another location, its address or coordinates are updated respectively.

8. For your convenience, you can also add an alias to each stop on the route so that it is easier to identify and differentiate them once the route is planned. To do so, input custom aliases into the corresponding fields next to the route’s stops. 

9. Before finishing planning the route, make sure that all addresses are properly geocoded. Green-colored dots indicate that the corresponding addresses were successfully geocoded with High Confidence. Addresses that have yellow or red-colored dots next to them should be reviewed and fixed accordingly. 

10. To correct a particular address, click on it and then edit the data in the corresponding field. When you input partial or insufficient address information, the Interactive Map Editor automatically suggests a list of valid addresses that are associated with the inputted data. 

11. To remove a particular address or location from the route, click on the X icon next to the stop(s) you want to remove or right-click on the corresponding stop(s) on the map and then select Remove respectively.

12. After reviewing the added addresses and locations, click Finish Adding Addresses to plan the route.

13. Once the route is planned, it is optimized and then opened in the Route Editor where you can modify it, as well as added to the Routes List with all your routes.