Azuga Routes Activity Stream is an interactive analytics and audit logging tool that allows you to assess and audit the performance of your entire team and view all events associated with your routes. 

The Activity Stream offers various functionalities such as:

  • Ability to find out when and what routes were created
  • When drivers marked destinations as Visited and when they actually arrived at those destinations, when notes were added to route stops, when and what destinations were removed from routes, and many other relevant activities all accessible in one convenient location. 
  • The Activity Stream can be used as a team chat room for communication between office workers and field employees.

To open the Activity Stream for your entire Azuga Routes account:

1. Navigate to the Activity Feed from the navigation menu.                                                                                          

Note: As the Account Owner, you can view the activities of all your sub-users that are associated with your account. All other user types can view only their own activities and the activities of the sub-users branched under them.

2. The Activity Stream shows all activities performed by you and your sub-users in chronological order with the corresponding timestamps and user names.

3. For more convenience, you can also filter all events in your Activity Stream by thousands of different parameters. All events in the Activity Stream can be filtered by member, activity type, date, as well as by the keywords that are contained in the activities you want to filter by (i.e., route name, destination name, activity type, etc.).

4. In addition to being able to view the Activity Stream for your entire account, you can also use the Activity Stream for single routes. When viewing the Activity Stream of a single route using the Route Editor, you can effortlessly follow the actions of the assigned member in near real-time to make sure that everything goes according to plan and last-minute changes don’t affect the satisfaction of your customers.

5. In the Route Editor of the opened route, the Activity Stream shows all actions performed by the assigned user and the user’s account owner. 

6. You can also export your Activity Stream for auditing the performance of your team, generating reports, detecting fraud, checking the overall health of your business, and much more. Moreover, all events in the Activity Stream can be filtered by thousands of different parameters so that you can effortlessly find any type of activity among hundreds of thousands of logged events.