To ensure you’re getting full visibility and control over your multi-stop routing processes, the Azuga Routes platform allows you to view all your planned and optimized routes on the Routes List.


Here’s how you can view the Routes List section:

1) Navigate to Routes from the navigation menu, then select Routes List.

2) The Routes List provides an overview of all your planned multi-stop routes.

3) The default Routes List view is split into several columns which can be accessed in the Definitions pdf attached.

4) You can customize the header and decide which columns you want to display. To display or hide columns in the Routes List, right-click anywhere on the header, then select or deselect items according to your preference.

5) By default, all routes are listed based on the time and date of their creation. To sort the routes by date of creation (newest to oldest or oldest to newest) or by date for which they’re scheduled (newest to oldest or oldest to newest), click on the Created On and Scheduled For arrowheads in the header respectively.

6) You can open a small map of any route in the Routes List by hovering your mouse cursor anywhere in the route’s field for 5 seconds.