PrerequisiteRequest Video setting has to be enabled for your account to avail of this service. To enable the setting, you can reach out to 

Yes, definitely. SafetyCam can record videos in a loop of 60 seconds.  You can request videos for any day or time of any vehicle that can help you closely monitor high-risk events. 

Recommendations: :

  • Do not retrieve videos directly from the SD card, for security purposes.
  • Requesting video at the earliest is recommended to prevent complete loss of videos from the SafetyCam’s SD card. 

How are Requested Videos different from the Event videos?

SafetyCam records videos of your vehicle in a loop. Event videos are recorded and uploaded by the SafetyCam directly to Azuga account. You cannot edit the duration of the event videos nor can you obtain a video of a certain date or time.

 Requested Videos, on the other hand, gives you much more control by helping you further review the events as you can request videos of any date, time, and duration (limited to 5 minutes). This is achievable as the SafetyCam records videos all the time

How do I retrieve SafetyCam videos?

You can retrieve SafetyCam videos for a maximum duration of five minutes for any day and time. The entire event’s video is displayed in the form of a video playlist, where each video is of 60 seconds. 

Videos can be retrieved by three methods, as mentioned above:

  1. Web Application
  2. Mobile Application
  3. Directly to your computer (via  Desktop Utilities application)

Note: Few things to keep in mind to ensure that your SafetyCam videos can be successfully retrieved:

  • The vehicle must be associated with an Azuga SafetyCam at the requested duration.
  • Footage must be available on the SD card.
  • Videos can be requested via the Azuga Web Application for a period of 1 year and are free of cost. Older videos might be available on-demand paid basis for a period of up to 5 years. Please reach out to for more details.
  • Video can be retrieved for free of cost via the Azuga Fleet Mobile(AFM) and Desktop Utilities applications.

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