An Asset Trip report provides information on assets that are moved from one location to another. It helps you determine the distance traveled by the vehicle and the time taken for the trip.

You can generate this report for multiple assets at once. 


This report contains the following fields:

  • Asset ID -  Identifier of the asset
  • Trip Start - Timestamp when the trip started
  • Departure Address - Location from which the trip started
  • Trip End - Timestamp when the trip ended
  • Destination Address - Location at which the trip ended
  • Tag - Label assigned to the asset for easy identification 
  • Trip Time - Total amount of time taken for this trip, in HH:MM:SS format
  • Approximate Trip Distance - Distance traveled by the asset
  • Group - Group to which the asset belongs

To generate an Asset Trip report: 

1. Login to the Azuga Web application.

2. Navigate to the Asset Trip page, under the Reports tab. 

3. Select the groups/assets for which the report is to be generated. In the Group/Asset tree, an entry with the trailer icon  

represents an asset. 

4. Select one or more tags from the drop down. (Optional)

5. Click Generate Report


Once the report is generated, click the PDF or XLS icon to download this report to your system.