An Asset Stop Time report allows you to determine the amount of time an asset has spent at a job location historically

It gives you the timestamp when an asset got deployed at a job location as well as the timestamp when it got removed from that location. You can generate this report for multiple assets at once. While generating this report, you can use filters such as asset tags and landmarks. 


This report contains the following fields :

  • Asset ID - Identifier of the asset
  • Asset type - Type of the asset
  • Tag - Label assigned to the asset for easy identification 
  • Address - Location of the asset
  • Landmark Type -Type of landmark. For example, Office, Home etc. 
  • Deployment Start Date - Timestamp when the asset was deployed at the job location 
  • Deployment End Date - Timestamp when the asset was removed from the job location
  • Duration - Amount of time spent at the job location 
  • Group - Group to which the asset belongs

To generate an Asset Stop Time report: 

1. Login to the Azuga Web application.

2. Navigate to the Asset Stop page, under the Reports tab. 

3. Select the groups/assets for which the report is to be generated. In the Group/Asset tree, an entry with the trailer icon represents an asset. 

4. Select one or more tags from the drop down. (Optional)

5. Select one or more landmark names from the drop down. (Optional)

6. Click Generate Report


Once the report is generated, click the PDF or XLS icon to download this report to your system.