You can map an asset to a device using the Azuga FleetMobile application. 

Note: You need to activate Installation and Utilities packages on your account. 

Please contact to subscribe these packages. 

Steps to complete the installation from the mobile app:

a. Login to the Azuga Fleet Mobile app.

b. From your Dashboard, tap the Utilities tile.

c. Tap Installation.


d. Input the device serial number and the Asset ID. This can be done in two ways: 

  • By scanning the barcode of the device.

i. Tap on scanner icon to launch your smartphone’s camera. 

ii. Point the camera at the barcode present on the device/asset. The app will automatically scan and record the device serial number/asset ID.

  • By manually entering the details in the respective text boxes.

e. Tap Submit. 


Once this is submitted to the Azuga server, the mapping will be visible in the Azuga website under Admin > Assets.