a. The fuel card vendor should place the transaction files at a location from which Azuga can extract them using FTP. 

For extracting the files, Azuga requires the following details :

  • FTP URL 
  • FTP username and password
  • Protocol version 
  • Filename

b. A transaction file should contain the following details :
    • Transaction Number
    • Transaction Date
    • Unit Price
    • Fuel Filled
    • Address
    • City
    • State
    • Zip
    • Account Number
    • License Number
    • Company Vehicle Number
    • VIN

c. At least one of the fields in the transaction file should match the vehicle attributes. The vehicle attributes are mentioned below:  
    • Vehicle Name
    • Asset Number
    • License Number
    • VIN 

After integration, fleet managers can view this information on fuel transactions by logging into the web application. 

Currently, we are integrated with the following vendors :
    • WEX
    • PAPCO
    • EFS

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