A maintenance reminder is an alert that informs you when the next service is due for vehicles/assets. 

1. Log in to the Azuga Web application. 

2. Navigate to Reminders > Maintenance.

3. Click Add Maintenance Reminder

4. Fill out the form with appropriate details.

a. Enter the Alert Name.

b. Select a Vehicle/Asset

c. Under Alert Notification, select the ON radio button.

d. From the Send Reminders To drop-down, select the users to whom you wish to send this alert. 

e. Enter CC addresses if any. 

f. Under Send email alert to,

- Select Group Admin if you want to send the alert email to the administrator(s) of the selected group(s).

- Select Paired Driver if you want to send the alert email to the driver who is currently paired with the vehicle/asset.

g. Add one or more maintenance parameters. 

i. Select a service Type from the drop down. You can also add a custom service type. 

ii. Enter the Mileage, Time Interval, Engine Run Time, and/or Last Service Date corresponding to the service type selected. You can input the Time Interval in Days, Months, or Years. 


                NOTE: For assets, the engine hours field will be present only if you activate the Asset Engine Hours package.

h. Click Add

i. Select the frequency at which reminders are to be sent.

5. Click Save.

Once you save this alert, the following pop-up appears on the page. Click YES if you want to add a service entry for this maintenance activity.