A Maintenance Dashboard provides a snapshot of all the maintenance activities of your vehicles/assets and is placed under the Maintenance tab. It displays a list of upcoming and overdue activities.

Functionalities Available: 

1. From the Dashboard, you can add maintenance reminders and service entries for your vehicles/assets. 

  • To add a maintenance alert, click the Add Maintenance Reminder button.
  • To add a service entry, click the Add Service Entry button. 

2. You can filter information based on three parameters - Days, Mileage, and Engine Hours. 

3. Click this icon  to edit a maintenance alert. 

4. Click this icon  to add a service entry. 

5. Searching and sorting the maintenance activities. 

Note: The Maintenance tab will be available only if you subscribe to the Maintenance package.

Please contact customercare@azuga.com to subscribe this package.