Diagnostic Report or DTC Summary Report provides brief information on DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Code) reported by the OBD system of your vehicle.


DTCs are alphanumeric codes used to identify vehicle malfunctioning. Different DTCs indicate distinct vehicle problems. For example, DTC P0171 indicates a sub-optimal air-fuel mixture, whereas DTC C1446 indicates a brake switch circuit failure.


A DTC Summary report contains the following fields:

  • Vehicle – Name of the vehicle
  • Driver – Name of the driver paired with the vehicle
  • Diagnostic Codes Count – Number of DTC codes generated by the vehicle
  • Group – Name of the group currently associated with the vehicle 
  • Region – Parent group of the vehicle’s group
  • Division – Parent group of region
  • Asset No – Asset number of the vehicle

Click a vehicle name to get a DTC Detail Report, which gives you DTC information summarized per day of that vehicle.

From the DTC Detail Report, you can drill down to a DTC Activity Report for a particular day, by clicking a vehicle name corresponding to the date for which the report is to be generated. In the DTC Activity Report, you can find information on Diagnostic Codes and their Descriptions.