An Unknown Driver alert informs you if your vehicle is moving without a driver. This generally happens when a driver is not paired with the vehicle he’s driving. Pairing can be done via web, mobile, or beacons.

To create an Unknown Driver Alert:

1. Log in to the Azuga Web application.

2. Navigate to the Alerts page, under the Admin tab.

3. Click Add Alert

4. Fill out the form with appropriate details.

a. Select the Type of Alert as Unknown Driver.

b. Enter the Alert Name

c. Enter a value in minutes or hours in the Wait after Ignition ON text box. This will be the duration after which the application checks if the vehicle is paired with a driver or not. 

d. Under Reminder Frequency, specify how often you wish to receive this alert for the same trip.

e. Select the groups/vehicles to which the alert is to be applied.  

f. Toggle the Alert Notification switch to ON to enable notification.  (To mute this alert, toggle this switch to the OFF state.)

g. Select users/drivers to whom you wish to send this alert.

h. Enter CC addresses, if any, in the CC text box. 

i. Under Send email alert to,
  • Select Group Admin if you want to send the alert email to the administrator(s) of the selected group(s).

j. Select how frequently you want the alert email to be sent to you - 

  • Instantly - You will receive the email as soon as the occupant count crosses the threshold number. 
  • Once Per Hour - You will receive a summary of all unauthorized occupant count events that took place in the last one hour. 

5. Click Save Alert

Note: To get a report on Unknown Driver events that triggered across your fleet, generate an Alert Report of type Unknown Driver.

Last Verified on Mar 2024