Functionalities within the application are sometimes interlinked with multiple permissions which result in a level of dependencies. 

The dependencies between permissions are listed below: 

Permissions Additionally Required Permissions 
Create Users
View Roles, View Groups
Create Vehicles
View Groups, View Drivers, View Devices 
Create Drivers
View Vehicles, View Roles
Create Groups
View Users, View Config
 Create Landmarks View Groups 
 Create Geofences View Landmarks, View Groups, View Users, View Drivers
 Create Alerts View Groups, View Users, View Drivers, View Vehicles
 Create Config No Dependencies 
 Create Roles No Dependencies 
 View Permissions No Dependencies

For example, if you wish to create a new vehicle in your account, you will require the permission to create a vehicle as well as need two additional permissions - view groups and  view users, to successfully add the vehicle. The Azuga application will throw an error even if one of these permissions is missing. 

Note : 

  1. We are currently working on automating this functionality, so that every time you select a permission, the permission that it is dependent on also gets automatically selected.
  2. The create permission on a function also grants you permissions to view and edit that function.