Automatic odometer capture is the process of collecting and recording a vehicle's odometer reading in real-time. 

This information, gathered by the Azuga device, is used to update the initial and current odometer values of the vehicle. You can see this information by navigating to the Vehicles page (under Admin). 


  • Odometer readings will be automatically updated, only if the Initial Odometer and Current Odometer values of the vehicle have not been manually entered on the website (these fields must be left blank) 
  • Odometer readings are obtained only after the vehicle completes its first trip (after installing the device). Since Azuga captures these readings only after the first trip, odometer values will not be available to you when you first add the vehicle
  • After the first trip, Initial Odometer and Current Odometer values will be updated on the website. For trips thereafter, only the Current Odometer value gets updated

Note: Not all vehicles support this feature. This depends on the make, model, and year of the vehicle.