To create an alert: 

1. Login to the Azuga Web application.

2. Navigate to the Alerts page, under the Admin tab.

3. Click Add Alert.

4. Fill out the form with appropriate details.

a. Select the Type of Alert.

b. Enter the Alert Name.

c. Enter the alert settings.

d. Select how frequently you wish to monitor your drivers - 24*7 or  Custom Hours.

e. Select the vehicles/groups you wish to monitor. 

f. Toggle the Alert Notification switch to ON. If you wish to mute this alert , toggle this switch to the OFF state.


g. Select users/drivers to whom the alert email is to be sent.

h. Enter CC addresses, if any.

i. Select if you want to send alert emails to group admins and paired drivers. 

j. Set the frequency of alert emails.

5. Click Save Alert.

Last Verified on Mar 2024