The Driver Rewards Program is an initiative that aims to change the relationship between fleet owners and drivers. This feature helps fleet managers easily reward their best-performing drivers. 

Scores and leaderboards provide inherent competition among drivers to drive safer, but rewards make it even better. In fact, many studies have shown that smaller, but more frequent recognition has a lasting effect and not only changes driver behavior but also will help you retain your best-performing drivers.

Rewards are gift cards given to drivers based on their scores and driving behavior. Drivers can redeem these gift cards at stores integrated with Azuga. By default, rewards are sent via email.

Some of the brands from which drivers can claim the rewards are - Amazon, Burger King, Home Depot, and Walmart.

The Rewards page on the Azuga website allows you to reward a driver, view reward history, recharge your account, and manage brands. The web page also displays your current account balance and expenses for the last seven days. 

To reward a driver:

1. Log in to the Azuga Web application.

2. Navigate to the Reward Drivers page, under the Rewards tab. 

Tip: Click on a driver's name to get the comprehensive list of trip events, along with the scores for the selected driver. The overall score and the individual score for each type of events are shown on the app. Additionally, you can also see the trip events on a map and have a detailed view of the driver.

3. Filter drivers based on safety scores or date range.  

4. Under the Reward column, tick the checkbox corresponding to the driver to whom you wish to send a reward. 

5. Click Reward Now.

6. Select an Amount from the drop-down. 

7. Click Send

Note: Ensure that you have sufficient balance in your account before you reward a driver. For more information on 

recharging your account, see How do I fund my account?

For more information on reward history, see How do I view my reward history?

For more information on gift brands, see How do I choose the brands from which my drivers can redeem their rewards?