An Azuga API is a REST API that provides you with programmatic access to interact with the system. It allows you to exchange information between the Azuga server and client systems. It uses built-in HTTP methods such as POST, GET, PUT, and DELETE to call and return information. 

Base URL:


Azuga supports BASIC authentication. Therefore, every request should contain a valid access token. You can obtain this token by sending a mail to

The format of the authorization header is: 

Basic (Base64Encode) API key

Status Codes 

The Azuga API returns a valid status code with every HTTP request. 

 Code   Response Reason
Request was processed successfully
Bad Request
Request was not understood by the server
Incorrect authentication key
Not Found
Requested resource could not be found or does not exist
Too Many Requests
Azuga imposes a limit on the rate at which a user can make requests. The limit is 1 request per minute per API call. The response will specify the time period (in seconds), after which the user can make another request. The user should handle this error code and retry after some time 
Internal Server Error
An error occurred in the Azuga API service. Please try again after some time. If the problem persists, contact 

API Rate Limit 

You can make one request per minute per API call. And you can make a maximum of 3 retry requests. 

The API will return a 429 error code if you exceed this limit. 

Note: This limit is applicable to every request that you make. 

Please visit Azuga Fleet Developer Hub to explore our API collection.