A Posted Speed Limit (PSL) alert informs you if your vehicle exceeds the maximum speed legally permitted on a certain stretch of road. 

To use this feature, you need to subscribe to the Azuga SpeedSafe package. Please contact customercare@azuga.com to activate this package. 

Note: Standard Posted Speed Limit Alert is a default alert which gets added to your account when you activate the SpeedSafe package. This alert is configured to trigger instantly (24*7) when your vehicle exceeds PSL by 5 miles.

To create a Posted Speed Limit Alert: 

1. Login to the Azuga Web application.

2. Navigate to the Alerts page, under the Admin tab.

3. Click Add Alert

4. Fill out the form with appropriate details.

        a. Select the Type of Alert as Posted Speed Limit

 b. Enter the Alert Name.  

 c. Set the alert threshold.  
  • Posted Speed Limit - The alert will trigger as soon as your vehicle exceeds the PSL of that particular road in which the vehicle is traveling. 

  • PSL by - The alert will trigger only if your vehicle exceeds the PSL by a specified value (in MPH/KMPH or Percentage). For example, if the posted speed of a road is 70 MPH and PSL by value is set to 10 MPH, then the alert will trigger only when your vehicles exceeds 80 MPH (70 MPH +10 MPH). 

d. Click on Instant radio button if you wish to receive the alert as soon as your vehicle exceeds the PSL threshold value. Else click on the Show violations that exceeded by radio button and enter a value in minutes, if you wish to get the alert only if your vehicle runs at a speed greater than the PSL value for the specified minutes. 

e. Select how frequently you wish to monitor your vehicles - 24/7 or Custom Hours

f. Select the groups/vehicles to which the alert is to be applied. 

g. Toggle the Alert Notification switch to ON.  (To mute this alert, toggle this switch to the OFF state.)

h. Select the users/drivers to whom the alert is to be sent. 

i. Enter CC addresses if any.

j. Under Send email alert to,

  • Select Group Admin if you want to send the alert email to the administrator(s) of the selected group(s).
  • Select Paired Driver if you want to send the alert email to the driver who is currently paired with the vehicle

5. Click Save Alert.