A Fuel report provides information about the amount of fuel consumed by your fleet. It also gives you information on the fuelling events (increase and decrease of fuel level) and the addresses of the locations where the events occurred.

This report further gives you details of fuel transactions and potential fuel savings for your fleet if you activate the Azuga Fuel Expense and Fuel Saver packages.

To Generate a Fuel Report:

1. Log in to the Azuga Web application.

2. Navigate to the Fuel Report page, under the Reports tab. 

3. Using the date picker, select a time frame. (Date range should be 31 days or less.)

4. Select the groups/vehicles you want to include in the report. 

5. Click Generate Report

To export the fuel report to your system, click the PDF or Excel option (next to the search toolbar).  

To get the Fuel Detail Report, click on a vehicle name in the Fuel Summary Report for wish you wish to generate the detailed report. 

Note: Fuel report can be scheduled to run at regular intervals. This will automatically generate the report and send it to you via email. For more information on scheduling a report, see section How to schedule a report?