A Summary Report provides you with summarized information about your fleet for a requested period. It gives you details such as driver names, occupants, scores, timestamps, distance traveled, fuel consumed, and events. There will be only one record per vehicle. 

To Generate a Summary Report

1. Log in to the Azuga Web application.

2. Navigate to the Summary page, under the Reports tab. 

3. Using the date picker, select a date range. The date range should be 31 days or less. 

4. Select the groups/vehicles for which the report is to be generated.

5. Select one or more vehicle tags from the Tags drop-down. This filter will be present only if the Tags package is enabled for your account.

6. Select/Deselect the Exclude overnight stop time check box. 

If the Exclude overnight stop time check box is selected, the time between the last ignition OFF on the previous day and first ignition ON on the next day will be subtracted while calculating the total stop time of the vehicle. 

8. Click Generate Report.  

To export the fleet summary report to your system, click the PDF or XLS option (next to the search toolbar).  

Click a vehicle name to get a Fleet Detail Report, which gives information summarized per day of that vehicle. This report contains the same fields/columns as that of a Summary report.

From the Fleet Detail report, you can drill down to the Trips Report of a vehicle, by clicking the name of the vehicle for which this report is to be generated. 


From the Trips Report, you can further drill down to get the breadcrumb trail of a trip by clicking the name of the vehicle corresponding the trip for which you wish to get the details. 

To get detailed information about a particular driver’s score, click the score in the Summary Report. This will take you to Driver Score Detail Report.

Note: Summary report can be scheduled to run at regular intervals. This will automatically generate the report and send it to you via email. For more information on scheduling a report, see section How to schedule a report?