The WWW (Where Was Waldo - Who Was Where) report helps you determine where your vehicle was during a specified period. It also helps you determine which all vehicles were present at a particular address for a specified time period. 

You can either generate the WWW report by providing the vehicle name or by specifying a particular address. The latter will fetch vehicles within 1 mile of the specified location. The WWW report gives you details such as the speed of the vehicle, address, events that occurred, group name, and asset number. 

To Generate a WWW report:

1. Log in to the Azuga Web application. 

2. Navigate to the WWW page, under the Reports tab. 

3. Using the date picker, select a time frame. (Date range should be 7 days or less).  

4. Click the Choose vehicle to include in report radio button if you want to get the report based on your vehicle name. 

Else click Address radio button if you want to get the report based on a specified address.

5. Click Generate Report.

To export the WWW report to your system, click the PDF or Excel option (next to the search toolbar).