A Breadcrumb report provides the breadcrumb trail a vehicle’s movement for any day. It contains a detailed summary of the route taken by the vehicle. It also helps you determine the flow of events which have taken place during that trip.

To Generate a Breadcrumb Report:

1. Log in to the Azuga Web application.

2. Navigate to the Breadcrumb page, under the Reports tab. 

3. Select a date using the date picker. (Date range is restricted to one day.)

4. Select the vehicle to include in the report. 

5. Click Generate Report.

The report contains a tabular data as well as data on a map. The map shows the starting (S) and ending (E) points and also the breadcrumb trail of your vehicle’s movement. The table displays the driver name, timestamps, events, speed, and address.  

To export the breadcrumb report to your system, click the PDF or Excel option (next to the search toolbar).  

Breadcrumb Play

Azuga also provides you with a Play option in breadcrumb reports. It allows you to watch the route taken by your vehicle. This preference can be enabled or disabled. If enabled, you will get a Google Play option in all breadcrumb reports. Once you click the Play button a blue marker (representing your vehicle) starts moving from the trip start location, moves along the path taken by the vehicle and stops at the trip end location. It also shows the speed at which your vehicle was moving. 

If this preference is disabled, the Play option will not be available in breadcrumb reports. 

Note: Breadcrumb report can be scheduled to run at regular intervals. This will automatically generate the report and send it to you via email. For more information on scheduling a report, see section How to schedule a report?