A timecard report provides you with information of all the shift activities performed by drivers on the Azuga FleetMobile app.

The timecard report is useful to consolidate logged hours by your drivers for payrolls and incentives.

The timecard report contains the following fields:

  • Statistics - Graphical representation of the shift activities. The bar graph shows the total number of active hours and break duration per day. And the pie chart shows the overall distribution of active hours and break hours
  • Driver - First and last name of the driver
  • Total Shift Duration - Active working hours + Break duration 
  • Active Shift Duration -  Total number of working hours logged, excluding the break duration
  • Total break duration -  Total number of break hours logged
  • Number of Shifts - Total number of shifts logged 
  • Number of Breaks - Total number of breaks logged 
  • Total distance traveled - Total number of miles/kilometers traveled by the driver
  • Total drive time -Actual number of driving hours covered by the driver